Fashion is constantly changing but the style must be maintained, I would choose to wear ones red court shoes (escarpin rouge).

At the time of dressing, there are many aspects to consider, the season, the weather, the trends, the place to be attended, the type of event, etc., so that each outfit is unique and takes into account all these considerations. Very sure of which piece should stand out, so none will take away interest from another and you can look great on any occasion.

For example, if your choice is a Red dress (robe rouge), it will draw attention to itself, to complement your look you should choose perhaps a few gray court shoes (escarpin gris) thus giving balance to your choice and bringing attention to only part of your locker room. If on the other hand, your intention is to take the looks to some beautiful the red court shoes (escarpin rouge), the safest thing is to opt for a simple dress, perhaps with soft print, that does not remove prominence at your feet.
Fashion changes dramatically, every day new trends appear that seem to displace others, the smart way to buy to keep up and not fall into the pressure of compulsive purchases, is to always have some classics in the closet that can be combined with pieces more avant-garde and striking. The last season became fashionable models color blue pump (escarpin bleu), which is best to adopt small and discreet pieces, such as accessories or blouses.
Clothing that fits a specific season, such as summer shoe women (chaussure été femmes), should be chosen to obey more comfort and freshness than the latest fashion trend, there will always be summery touches with which to update them over the years. Every woman has clothes that feel good and that she wants to wear always, these flattering garments can be adapted to each season and trend with simple adjustments, scarves, hats, ribbons, buttons, and accessories to make them timeless, these are the pieces in which we should not skimp on costs and quality because we want them to last us for a long time.