Smadav Pro 2017 Latest Version Rev 11.4 Full Keygen Crack

Smadav Pro 2017 Latest Version Rev 11.4 Full Keygen


SmadAV is one of the best local antivirus that can keep our computer from attacks of various viruses or malware is quite annoying. Although this antivirus is an antivirus made by a child of the country, but its ability in maintaining our computer or laptop is also quite powerful you know! Moreover SmadAV Latest is known as a very lightweight antivirus, even you will not feel installing anvitivirus on your computer.

Now has the latest SmadAV release SmadAV 2017 Rev 11.4. For antivirus databases of course more in smadav current version. In addition SmadAV 2017 is regarded as a very stable version. So what are you waiting for, soon you download SmadAV 2017 Rev 11.4 Full Serial Number is now also. Eits wait, we also provide this smadav keygen that you can use to generate smadav serial to SmadAV this latest become full version for free. So you can enjoy all the premium features of this SmadAV.

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.4:

  • Adding new 404 virus database,
  • Improvement in protection to prevent Ransomware (especially WannaCry 1 and Wanna-Cry 2.0),
  • Lower CPU resource usage when protection active,
  • Fixing program bugs and false detection.

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.3.5:

  • Adding new 1038 virus database,
  • Faster speed for scanning harddisk / USB Flashdisk,
  • Adding new Anti-Ransomware settings to protect PC from malware that holds your PC hostage,
  • Enhancement in interface and language,
  • (11.3.5) Fixing program bugs and false detection.

Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.2:

  • New look design SmadAV 2017,
  • The addition of a new 1040 virus database,
  • The addition of quick mode for automatic scan of USB Flashdisk faster,
  • The addition of protection technology to prevent Ransomware,
  • (Rev. 11.2) Completion and improvement of SmadAV 2017 features.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 11.0.4:

  • Added database of 220 new viruses
  • Added a new feature (USB Anti-Exe) to block unknown programs on USB stick
  • Increased protection to prevent Ransomware especially Cerber3 and Cerber4
  • Faster startup and explorer bug fixes

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10:

  • Anti-Ransomware as a precaution for data-taker viruses (Cerber, Locky, Teslacrypt, etc.)
  • The addition of the Total Scan feature to clean up the virus has not been recognized
  • Features automatically restore hidden files in flash
  • Improved USB and Browser protection
  • Support for Windows 10 (SmadAV can be used in Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10)

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10.9: Added new 230 virus database, Repair failed install on Windows XP, Improved SmadAV startup feature, Improved error detection on some files / programs, and other improvements.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10.8: Added database of 200 new viruses, Bug fixes (program errors) that bring up two tray icons (icon lower right corner), and other improvements.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10.7: Added new 500 virus database, Added Total Scan and Quick Scan, Added Digital Signature to make installation easier and safer.

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10.6: Adding new 768 virus database, Scan flash faster than previous version, and Anti-Ransomware as prevention / cleaning of data capture virus (Locky, Teslacrypt, etc.)

Smadav 2016 Rev. 10.5: Added new 640 virus database, faster and more effective flash scan, Display design changes, and enhancements for use in Windows 10

Smadav 2015 Rev. 10.4: Added a new 800 virus database, Bundpil virus cleanup (which creates anonymous folders on flash), Added automatic feature restores hidden files in flashdisk, and fixes some program errors

Smadav 2015 Rev. 10.2: Addition of 950 new virus virus database, Improved USB and Browser protection, VBS-Houdini virus cleanup, Bundpil, etc.

Smadav 2015 Rev. 10.1: Added database of 315 viruses and 3992 new virus variants, Additional security features while browsing the Internet, Facebook-Share virus cleanup, Autoit, etc.

Smadav 2015 Rev. 10.0: SmadAV 2015 changes and display language, Added 212 new virus database, Improved method of thickening USB flash etc.

Smadav 2014 Rev. 9.9: SmadAV Pro automatic update update “Installation Not Found”, Added database 332 new virus, Adding detection of virus shortcut on USB, Completion method of Blacklist SmadAV Pro not original etc.

Smadav 2014 Rev. 9.8: Adding new 651 virus database, Adding of Trasher / Dorkbot and VBS shortcut virus detection techniques to USB, Program bug fix and error detection, etc.

Smadav 2014 Rev. 9.7: Added database of 161 new viruses, Added detection techniques to malicious programs on USB, Improved SmadAV Pro update process, etc.

Smadav 2014 Rev. 9.6: Added database of 223 new viruses, Changes to SmadAV 2014 main view, Improved SmadAV installation process, Added virus detection techniques on USB, etc.

Smadav 2013 Rev. 9.2: Added database of 229 new viruses, Support for Windows 8 (SmadAV can be used in Windows XP / Vista / 7/8), Change view, etc.

How to Install SmadAV Pro 2017 Latest with Keygen

  1. Download and extract the file “SmadAV 2017 Rev 11.4” This
  2. Extract also the keygen files that are inside the folder.
  3. Install smadav as you can.
  4. After the installation is complete, you open SmadAV.
  5. Then open the smadav keygen
  6. Replace the existing name with your name or whatever
  7. Then click generate
  8. Copy paste the name and serial to the smadav registration tab
  9. Done



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