SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.89 Full Keygen Free

SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.89 Full Keygen

SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.89 Full Keygen is software that serves to monitor a website or host on a regular basis by providing complete information about the state of the website. Here you can view data from a website accurately and in detail. If a website turns down, then the EnterpriseMonitor Enterprise Full Keygen application will display it in realtime, so you can quickly fix errors that occur in the website.

SiteMonitor Enterprise Full Keygen software is perfect for those of you who work on a server with many websites or hosts that you manage. You can easily check DNS, site health, ping websites, and various other things. EnterpriseMonitor Enterprise Full Keygen application also features log activity that you can use as an ingredient to improve performance on the website that you manage it.

EnterpriseMonitor Enterprise Full Keygen application gives you 2 choices of display that is through a direct application and display via the web. So you can also monitor the state of the website that you manage from various places wherever you are.


  • Ping Web Site (http / https)
  • Ping Host (ICMP Ping)
  • DNS Check
  • TCP: Protocol check
  • Check that returned content is correct
  • Tray Application
  • Web Interface
  • Windows Service
  • Checks if Internet Connection is available
  • Send email notification on failure (using SMTP or GMail / Google)
  • Send SMS Messages using Click tell or BudgetSMS
  • Response Graphs
  • Up / Down Bar Charts

How to Install

  1. Download and extract the file “SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.89 Full Keygen”.
  2. Extract also the keygen files that are inside the folder.
  3. Install the program as usual.
  4. Open the keymaker folder, then run the keygen file by right click >> run as administrator.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Open the program and use the serials in the keymaker for the registration process.
  7. Done


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