Latest Rainmeter 2017 4.0 Build 2746 Final Full Download

Rainmeter 2017 4.0 Build 2746 Final Full


Rainmeter is software that can make the desktop on our PC to be cool. With this software we can add a number of cool gadgets to display on our PC desktop. This will certainly make the desktop on our computer or laptop becomes much cooler than before.

We can also display various cool attributes in accordance with our desires and creativity, so we will have a desktop display that belongs only to us, he. Cool, right? For how to use it please follow the steps below. For those who want to try this cool Rainmeter Latest Final software please download Rainmeter on the link I provide below.

Oh yes, I also provide a site to download rainmeter themes, so you can choose a theme that you want to apply on PC. Below I will explain how to use Rainmeter Latest .

How to install latest Rainmeter

  1. Download Rainmeter 2017 Final that is under later
  2. Install and run the rainmeter program.
  3. Once installed on the desktop my friends will look like this
  4. Take it easy, this is just the first step and we will eliminate all this which will be replaced with the theme we want.
  5. To remove it, click the rainmeter icon located on the bottom left corner or open the program through windows. The rainmeter program will open and look like this
  6. Then click the expand illustro button so it will open the parts like: Clock, disk, feeds, until finally welcome.
  7. After that click the button expand clock and click clock.ini so on the right screen appears this clock description, we click unlock to remove the skin clock on the desktop. Do the same for all parts until welcome.
  8. After everything is gone, we close the rainmeter program. And we download the theme of rainmeter skin to our liking. Temen-temen can choose and download the theme of rainmeter skin on the link that I have provided below or search in google aj, he.
  9. Then temen-temen select the theme of his skin and download.
  10. Once downloaded then copy-paste the theme into the folder: Document \ Rainmeter \ Skins. Once refreshed and out of the folder.
  11. Run rainmeter and my friends will see the folder of the theme that my friends downloaded earlier (here I use the theme of Rainmeter Skins, Iron Man Prototype Themes, and Cybersphere). If the theme of skin temen-temen there is no click refresh all contained in the bottom left corner of the rainmeter.
  12. After that temen-temen live select skin that want temen-temen show on PC desktop temen-temen by click LOAD and to remove it live select UNLOAD. The result will be different according to the creativity of my friends.
  13. Enjoy you desktop.
  14. Below are some PC screenshoots using this rainmeter

Features Of Rainmeter:

  • Freeform skins
  • Supports Windows transparency
  • Plugin system for 3rd party support
  • Anti-aliased drawing routines
  • Works also as Litestep plugin
  • Has ability to hide on mouse over
  • Can stick to the desktop (ie doesn’t hide with Show Desktop)
  • Skins can react to mouse events
  • Multiple skins can be at the same time
  • Can be controlled from 3rd party applications with! Bangs

Rainmeter 3.1 Final can measure:

  • CPU load
  • Allocated Memory
  • Network Traffic
  • Performance data
  • Uptime
  • Free disk space


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