Latest CyberFox 52.2.1 Free Download Full Crack

CyberFox 52.2.1 Free Download Full


Latest CyberFox 52.2.1 is a web browser built from mozilla firefox source code that is optimized to have a much better performance than mozilla firefox itself. This one browser is claimed to have very fast searching capabilities and uses relatively low RAM and CPU resources. This new CyberFox was originally created specifically for 64 Bit windows system, but over time finally released also CyberFox 32 Bit, so for those of you who use windows with 32 Bit system can still feel the greatness of this one browser.

The features presented by this new CyberFox are almost identical to the features in firefox, but there are obvious differences between firefox and cyberfox on the look. Cyberfox has a dark background color display, while firefox has a bright background color display. Dark colors on this latest CyberFox browser makes this one browser seem very elegant and calm. So what are you waiting for, immediately download and install this latest CyberFox right now.


  • X86 / x64 Bit Web Browser
  • Powered By Mozilla source code
  • Compiled with visual studios 2013
  • Compiled with help of Intel C ++ compiler
  • Uses windows 8 SDK
  • Removed features (Telemetry, Healthreport, sponsored tiles And other components that collected information).
  • Added new features built in.
  • Compatible With Windows 8 / 8.x OS.


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