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Techniques for embellishing images with Adobe Photoshop. Graphic design. Photographic retouching. Photos and Photographs.

In this series of videos you will learn techniques to apply Photo Filters with Adobe Photoshop similar to those that come in many social networks like Instagram and Snapchat, editions will be made on an original image, but the adjustments vary according to your own tastes and reasons. At the end of the course “Learn 21 photo filters with Adobe Photoshop CS6” you can use the editing tools on any image.

This course is designed for Photoshop learners and hobbyists in Photography.

Technical specifications

Photoshop CS6 – Learn 21 Photo Filters

411 MB | 1 Hour (23 lessons) | English | Prof. Gustavo Oliver | Design / Photography | 9/2016 |


Image Adjustments and Blending Modes

Introductory video 00:37
Theoretical class of image adjustments 07:45

Editing photographic filters

Filter Alfredo 02:55
Filter Antonia 03:42
Filter Sofia 02:03
Filter Zeus 02:00
Filter Sansa 01:50
Filter Arias 02:33
Filter Aitana 02:50
Filter Poly 01:28
Filter Nando 01:41
Filter Sapa 01:37
Surreal Filter 01:41
Andromeda Filter 01:41
Andrade Filter 02:12
Sweetheart Filter 02:25
Filter 02:21 Contrast
Filter 01:52 Filter Amarenta 02:38
Filter 02:31 Filtro Colorfe 01:39
Filtro Gustavo 01:36
Mary Filter 01:25


Photoshop CS6 Full

Photoshop CS6 Free



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