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jv16 PowerTools is a powerful application full of options with which you can carry out an exhaustive maintenance of your system. Among the options included are several of a fundamental nature:

– Controls the list of programs installed on the PC and can install and uninstall them completely.
– Controls, finds and deletes entries in the Windows Registry.
– Contains an advanced file search engine.
– Clean temporary files and cookies.
– Includes a powerful tool to organize and duplicate files.
– Increases the privacy of your PC.

Main tools:
Clean and speed up my computer

The Clean Up and Speed ​​Up My Computer tool allows you to run the history cleaner and file cleaner simultaneously, displaying your results in a single results window.
Other tools like Startup Optimizer, Registry Compactor and Windows AntiSpy can be activated immediately while using the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer tool, depending on your preferences.

Accelerating the start of my computer
Enabling the Startup Optimizer causes Windows to start faster. Using the Startup Optimizer does not remove anything from the computer.
While Startup Optimizer is enabled, all software is still started with the computer and no software is uninstalled.

Uninstall software and leftovers
The Add / Remove Programs tool in Windows depends on the new software that is registered during the installation. Because the operating system does not require this registry, the internal list can not display all installed programs.
The Software Uninstaller tool checks if your system contains traces of installed programs and lists everything so that it decides what to add or remove.

New tools:
Check for vulnerable software
Software that contains security vulnerabilities puts your computer at great risk, as it can allow other malicious programs or users to take control of your computer, which can lead to the loss of important files or identity theft.
The Check Vulnerable Software tool scans your computer for installed software, as well as traces of old software that contain known security vulnerabilities.

Windows AntiSpy
Windows AntiSpy allows you to disable Windows features that may have implications on your privacy. The tool is designed specifically for Windows 10, but many of its features are also available with other versions of Windows, make its use more private.
In addition to privacy-related features, it also allows you to enhance the Windows user interface by adding or removing specific features as well as applying performance-related settings.

Start Timer
Startup Timer measures the time it takes your computer to boot.
This tool also measures the impact that all your automatic startup software has on the system startup to allow you to see exactly what is causing your computer to start slowly.

Images AntiSpy
Images AntiSpy allows you to remove private metadata from your image files.
With this tool you can safely delete private data, such as the camera model name, GPS location and the time and date the picture was taken and more private information of the digital photos for which you do not want store this information.

Technical specifications

jv16 PowerTools 2017 Multilingual

Size: 18 MB included Portable | Language: English | License Activation


jv16 PowerTools Free Full

jv16 PowerTools 2017





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