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Daemon Tools Lite Final Full


Daemon Tools Lite Full is software to create virtual disks on your computer. Now this virtual disk is almost an application that must exist on your computer. Daemon Tools This works to create a virtual disk on your computer that you can use to extract files with extension Mdx, *. Mds / *. Mdf, *. Iso, *. B5t, *. B6t, *. Bwt, *. Ccd, *. Cdi, *. Bin / *. Cue, *. Ape / *. Cue, *. Nrg, *. Pdi, and *. Isz.

For those of you who want to install HD games, almost certainly you must have a virtual disk on your PC. Because large game files are mostly ISO or BIN extensions. Therefore you must create a virtual disk first by using Daemon Tools Lite to extract the ISO file so you can install the game.

Now the latest version of daemon tools is available Daemon Tools Lite Final. In this latest version, many bugs have been fixed and are now easier to use. So download Daemon Tools Lite Full right now and create a virtual disk on your PC right now.

Virtualization drives

  • Create up to 4 virtual drives (2 DT and 2 SCSI) to mount some images
  • Set up virtual drives: change a letter drive, DVD region, etc.
  • Mount *. Mdx, *. Mds / *. Mdf, *. Iso, *. B5t, *. B6t, *. Bwt, *. Ccd, *. Cdi, *. Bin / *. Cue, *. Ape / *. Cue, *. Nrg, *. Pdi, *. Isz images on virtual drives The main functions of backup
  • Iso, *. Mds / *. Mdf and *. Mdx images of CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs
  • Protecting images password
  • Compression of images
  • Management of the Catalog of image

How to Install

  1. Download and extract the file “Daemon Tools Lite Final Full Patch”.
  2. Extract also patch files that are inside the folder.
  3. Install the program as usual.
  4. Open the patch folder, then select the appropriate patch file of windows system installed on your pc or laptop (32 Bit or 64 Bit).
  5. Copy paste the patch file into the installation folder of the lite daemon tools program on your pc or laptop.
  6. Run the patch file by right click >> run as administrator.
  7. Click patch
  8. Done


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